Senior Distributed Computing Analyst/Application System Engineer    

  1. Manage on premise BackOffice and O365 solutions including messaging, authentication, and collaboration / document sharing. Manage deployment and roll-out of new O365 solutions from current on premise to cloud. Moving web applications and other services to the cloud. Working with Microsoft Azure, Skype for Business, Application Proxy, MDM, Exchange, Active Directory, DirSync, ADFS, VDI, LDAP, AirWatch/Intune, Lync, SharePoint, and Automation (Powershell)
  2. Part of the team that designed and migrated Exchange 2010 On-premise environment to Exchange Online using Hybrid setup.
  3. We were able to reduce our exchange server count from 60+ to 6 (Edge, Hybrid, Mailbox) servers at the main datacenter and 3 at our DR location.
  4. Worked with Legal team to setup new retention policy/labels using Security and Compliance center.
  5. Designed and upgrade PKI environment from SHA1 to SHA256, to support BYOD and cert authentication.
  6. Went from one root and one enterprise CA to one root and 4 CA servers using OCSP.
  7. Also worked with Enterprise IT Network team to configure templates being use in cert based wireless connection
  8. Part of the team that upgrade Active Directory from 2008 to 2012 R2 for Dev, UAT and Production
  9. Part of the team that Upgrade Customer LDAP from DSEE6 to Oracle Unified Directory (OUD 11g)
  10. Designed and upgrade Failover Cluster Server (File Server) from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2
  11. Designed and upgrade Failover Cluster Server (File Server) from 2 Node to 4 Node, and Lead Technical Staff to migrate 56 regional servers into the main data center file server cluster.
  12. Migrate acquisition DFS into Windstream main DFS Namespace
  13. Migrate past acquisition file servers into our File Server Cluster environment.
  14. Build Dev Environment for the department to imitate production (AD, ADFS, AD Connect)
  15. Designed and implemented Master/Slave Nagios setup for monitoring. These also replaced the current setup that sends SMS to all members of the team to only the on-call member and escalation while everyone gets email. Also setup multiple PowerShell monitoring scripts.
  16. Upgrade DirSync to Azure AD Connect and configured custom filters to support organization needs in production with different rules to accommodate acquisitions
  17. Manage DNS Environment (Internal/External using InfoBlox)