About Me

Hi. My name is Akingbade Ajewole (Akin).

I am a System Engineer residing in the Cleveland OH. Originally, I was from Nigeria. I came to the U.S for college early 2019 to study Computer Information Technology at Northern Kentucky University. Currently I am part of the Enterprise Directory Services team that manage Identity Infrastructure for my company and also act as escalation engineer for junior admins or liaison with vendors such as Microsoft. I will be sharing tips, tricks, and in-depth tutorials for IT pros.

I hope you find this site useful. Please contact me if there is an article you would like to see on this site.

What I'm Doing

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT, also known as enterprise-class IT, is hardware and software designed to meet the demands of a large organization.

PKI Engineer

Provides Cryptographic Services within the Enterprise Group which is responsible for engineering and developing security solutions for encryption keys, passwords, certificates, and other cryptographic technologies.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers, sometimes called information security engineers, identify threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software.

System Administrator

A system administrator (sysadmin) is an information technology professional...